07 Jul

How to turn off Power saving A10-5750 on Ubuntu Linux.

On my Laptop Lenovo E545 i have cpu AMD A10-5750. Default cpu speed in CPU-G shows as 1.4 GH. I have decided to turn of power saving (read comments on this post) it on Ubuntu Linux.
First we need Cpu-G utils. Download and install it from repo.

biotin@ThinkPad:~$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cpug-devs/ppa
biotin@ThinkPad:~$ sudo apt-get update
biotin@ThinkPad:~$ sudo apt-get install cpu-g

After running it show us: Read More

10 Aug

Thinkfan and Lenovo E545.

On this post i will show how to install Thinkfan on Lenovo with Ubuntu 14.04 (and Ubuntu 14.10) and its settings. Thinkfan its software for Thinkpad Laptops to control fan speed with temperature.
Lm-sensors – essential tools for monitoring the hardware health of Linux systems and containing hardware health monitoring.

This settings can save you battary live. Another post ist here.
Instal thinkfun and lm-sensors:

$sudo aptitude install thinkfan lm-sensors

Load module thinkpad_acpi with thinkfan changes: Read More