07 Jul

How to turn off Power saving A10-5750 on Ubuntu Linux.

On my Laptop Lenovo E545 i have cpu AMD A10-5750. Default cpu speed in CPU-G shows as 1.4 GH. I have decided to turn of power saving (read comments on this post) it on Ubuntu Linux.
First we need Cpu-G utils. Download and install it from repo.

biotin@ThinkPad:~$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cpug-devs/ppa
biotin@ThinkPad:~$ sudo apt-get update
biotin@ThinkPad:~$ sudo apt-get install cpu-g

After running it show us: Read More

09 Apr

Debian with Linux Kernel 3.19, Radeon and Broadcom wl.

Simple howto to install on Debian Testing new stable Kernel 3.19, Radeon fglrx Driver and wl Broadcom wifi driver. (Testing Laptop Lenovo Edge E545).
First we need to install new Kernel. Download Kernel source from https://www.kernel.org/.

$ wget https://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v3.x/linux-3.19.3.tar.xz
$ tar xf linux-3.19.3.tar.xz

Verify it against signature. You need to install some packages. Read More

07 Mar

Debian Screencast to animated GIF.

I have read this article – OS X Screencast to animated GIF and have decided to make this on Debian. Why not? ;)

It is simple to make this on any Linux machine. We need SimpleScreenRecorder, FFmpeg and gifsicle.

Download ffmpeg from this ffmpeg git or ffmpeg.org – and install any libraries, which he need. I have generated from source “./configure && make && make install “. Take care about dependence.

Now to time to install SimpleScreenRecorder. Take it from git ssr.

Read More

24 Dec

How to make Video on Linux, which can play on iPhone.

imge Creating a video on Linux its very simple. With GNU freeware tools we can make a lot of things, such as adding many video and sound effects, converting video formats to each other. Lets talk about how to make video files, which can play on iPhone.
First we need FFmpeg for encoding video and play with formats. I am using Ubuntu 14.10 and FFmpeg missing from the official repositories in 14.10(only avconv) but its will return with Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet. Let’s install it from another Repo – ppa:samrog131/ppa.

$ sudo apt-add-repository ppa:samrog131/ppa
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install ffmpeg-real

Now it’s on /opt/ffmpeg/bin/ffmpeg. You can create symlink if you wont:

$ sudo ln -sf /opt/ffmpeg/bin/ffmpeg /usr/bin/ffmpeg

Formats list wich used with FFmpeg: Read More

10 Aug

Thinkfan and Lenovo E545.

On this post i will show how to install Thinkfan on Lenovo with Ubuntu 14.04 (and Ubuntu 14.10) and its settings. Thinkfan its software for Thinkpad Laptops to control fan speed with temperature.
Lm-sensors – essential tools for monitoring the hardware health of Linux systems and containing hardware health monitoring.

This settings can save you battary live. Another post ist here.
Instal thinkfun and lm-sensors:

$sudo aptitude install thinkfan lm-sensors

Load module thinkpad_acpi with thinkfan changes: Read More

30 Jul

LFS101x Linux kursu.

Salam. Ela bir xeber ile bölüshmek isterdim. Avgust ayin 1den «LFS101x Introduction to Linux» kursu pulsuz edX platformada kechmek olar. Evveler bu kursun giymeti ne az ne chox 2400$ idi. Bütün edX platformada olan kurslar kimi bu kurs onlayn ve englsih dilinde kechecek ve ümumiyyetle 40-60 saat devam edecek. Sonra ise sertifikat verilir. Personal sertifikat ise – ad ve soyad ile – 250$ ödenishden sonra elde etmek olar.

27 Jul

ThinkPad Battery Life on Linux.

I am using Debian(LMDE) on my AMD with Radeon G7860 Thinkpad Edge E545 Laptop.
First install Powertool to look to the Power Usage:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install powertop

For any changes, it shows 17-19W on my Laptop. After – 9-10W. How?
First, i used whis guide: Read More

17 Jul

“Создатель” показал свое рабочее место.

Создатель ядра Linux – Линус Торвальдс в преддверии Linuxcon показал и рассказал о своем рабочем месте.  Линус любить кодить прогуливаясь на своей беговой дорожке и называет его зомби “деск” :) Об этом и многое другое на видео.


PS: Дистрибутив различить все таки я не смог.